Factory Farming Leads Animals to Death

As United States has highest meat consumption in the world, there are companies that want to produce massive amount of meat. Factory farming where thousands of animals in one location generate millions of tons of manure annually, which are established by big meat companies are causing many problems. People who want to maximize output while minimizing costs, has established factory farming that resulted farm animals to suffer from harsh living conditions and eating unnatural food.

Animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy in wire cages and metal crates, where there are no windows. Living in these conditions, animals cannot raise their families, walk around freely in the soil, and build nests, which are their natural instinct. As a result, they get tons of stress that actually affect their health significantly leading to illness and other diseases.

Not only animals suffer from terrible living conditions, they also suffer from the overuse of antibiotics, and growth hormones. Because over-crowded animals are susceptible to infection and disease, most industrial livestock facilities treat the animals with low levels of antibiotics to try to prevent illness and compensate for stressful conditions. Cows and cattle are designed to eat grass and absorb plant nutrients not unnatural feed that they are forced to eat, which make them disease breeders. Because farmers want to more meat out of animals, they make them fat by feeding them unnatural food that are genetically engineered and even with growth hormones. Therefore, animals such as cattle and chickens aberrantly get fat, resulting that they cannot even stand still because their legs cannot hold their oversized body.

There are so many problems that factory farming causing. Many people are now realizing that animals are suffering from terrible living conditions, eating unnatural food, and the fact that they are eating ill meat. If factory farming continue on without any improvement or change to make environment better, our whole country will suffer from disease not only animals. And as a customer we should avoid buying products from big companies such as Smithfield and Tyson.

By Yoon Shin

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The Food Dictatorship

What we eat is vital to our health, and were we get it from directly effects how good it will be for us. People are always on the run and constantly eating fast food. They want to be healthy but it is so hard to be when the fast food that they are eating is made from processed junk. The goal would be healthy fast food right? Unfortunately that is impossible because of how our food industry operates.

There are only a few large corporations that comprise the food industry in the US: Nestlé, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, Associated British Foods, and Mondelez (Taylor). These companies have monopolized the food market. They are the companies that engineer, raise, process, and pack the food that is sold to the fast food companies. These companies are not concerned with our health, they are only concerned with profit. They know that we crave three ingredients: sugar, salt, and fats (Food Inc.). The industry knows that when one takes a bite and taste one or more of theses three ingredients, dopamine is released in the brain. As a result, the fast food industry has manufactured food that is packed with these pleasure ingredients.That is not the only problem with these companies though. They are responsible for concentrated animal feed operations (CAFO) and all the negative environmental effect that these operations cause; as well as the diseases that people get from this poorly managed meat. Diseases like E. coli 057:H7 cause 73,000 illnesses a year, these illnesses lead to approximately  2,170 hospitalizations and 61 deaths (Rangel). It is interesting to find out that the government has the authority to recall bad products like toasters, but does not have the authority to recall contaminated, and potentially lethal meat (Schlosser).

How do we get out from underneath this dangerous food dictatorship? I purpose that family-owned farms with free range live stock and organic produce need to organize a system where they can combine forces to supply the large demands of the industry. A few cooperation’s should not be able to control the majority of the food production. The only way that this change is possible, is through legislation. This legislation will take time, and so will the healing process that the land that has been contaminated by CAFOs needs go through. The land and legislation is not the only thing that needs time; people still desire these highly processed foods and it will be a slow process to acclimate them to more healthy food choices. The change is possible, and cooperate food control will not last for ever if we start making changes now.

–Joshua Wolcott

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