Corrupted Industry

Over the years, food companies have modified the process of growing and making food in order to increase the quantity of production of their products. They traded in quality for quantity, disregarding what goes into the food consumers eat. Due to the large amount of chemicals food has to go through, businesses and lobbies take extreme measures to avoid detailed labels and warnings on their food  in order to protect the image of their product, food companies should not have the power to decide what information should be put out to the public, consumers have the right to know what exactly is in their food and why businesses go to extreme measures to keep a clean image.

    Food companies are more worried about increasing production and profit rather than the actual quality of the food. Corporations increase profit by using lower- cost ingredients, according to research done by Mike Adams, a founder and owner of Natural News, food manufactures deceive consumers by hiding dangerous ingredients behind innocent sounding names. Food companies also increase their earning by minimizing labor cost which create poor working conditions. Not only are the workers being maltreated, but so are the animals. The food industry also maximizes profit by curtailing the competition. Big brand food companies such as Tyson Foods, control nearly the entire food industry and the food we eat, meaning that the harmful food produced by these companies are distributed all across America. The food industry is one of the most affluent industries in the world, it is no surprise that they are willing to go through extreme measure to maximize and protect their profit.

Due to the harsh chemicals and inhumane production system that companies use to make food, businesses and lobbies are taking extreme measures to protect the image of their product. The food industry does not want the public to know what exactly is in their food, or how it is made. This raises suspicion among the violation of various health codes.  Because nothing major has been done to enforce food companies to produce quality food, it seems that the government’s food regulations are in favor of the companies rather the benediction of consumers. The government has also made it more accessible for food companies to sue critics. Something that many health code inspectors find skeptical is that the government has laws that mandate food labeling describing nutrition date, ingredients and allergy information, however the food industry creates confrontation when these laws are implemented. The food industry has created a veil to obscure the reality behind their production, creating a blind eye among consumers.

The disturbing  practices of the food industry have begun to create a wave of people advocating for the truth. There are many ways to promote a change in the food industry, this can be accomplished by investigating and advocating organizations that fight against these practices. Raising awareness against these malpractices can help uncover the truth and conceivably influence the food industry to modify their ingredients and working condition to create a safe haven for all.

                                                                                                                                    – Arely Ambriz 

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