Who is Really Responsible?


Food. Such a wonderful necessity to life. Food can change a person’s mood in a matter of minutes. It can make a sad person smile, a mad person laugh, and so much more. So when it comes to the safety of food, who is really responsible. Now many can say that as the consumer of the food we eat, we are responsible, but it goes deeper than that. Even though we control what we eat, the government is much more responsible for so many reasons. For one, it has set up organizations, such as the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the Food Safety and Inspection Service. These organizations were set up so that they can make sure food is safe for people to eat. They do checks on companies to make sure they are following the rules and regulations on making food safe. Many people don’t really know what these companies are doing to the food that they are consuming. Big corporations use different chemicals and ingredients to make the food grow faster and last longer. Even though the things they use are working on the food, it has also made people sick and even die from it. If the companies choose not to follow the rules that these organizations, set up by the government make, they have the power to close these companies down. A reporter for the Produce News, Joan Murphy, talks about how the FDA did just that to a company. “Sunland became the first business to have its food facility registration suspended by the FDA, thereby shutting it down, after its testing records showed it shipped Salmonella-positive products, the FDA said in a Nov. 26 letter from Commissioner Margaret Hamburg to Sunland President Jimmie Shearer.” The FDA is cracking down on companies that aren’t following the rules of the government have set up to keep the people who eat the food these companies have set up. The government also has the responsibility because it has all the resources to stop the disease from getting out even more. If there was a breakout of a deadly disease, the government- made organizations start going to work to stop this disease from getting to a large amount of people. They have scientist and detectives trying to figure out what caused the breakout and how to stop it. They then come up with medication to give to people so they don’t catch this horrendous illness. These are just a few reasons why the government has more of the responsibility of the food we as the consumer eat.

Levern Anderson

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