The Potential of Food Labels

Today, about 80% of the food that are processed and bought by the consumers are genetically modified, or known as GMOs (Hemphill). As food technology and nutirion science advance and companies seek profit over nutrition in the food, clear food labeling is no longer there for the people to understand what is in the food that they are eating everyday. The GMOs are products that are made by the scientists who are experts in this field, and it is difficult for those who are not as educated as them to understand how modified foods are made and composed of. Even though it may be difficult to get rid of GMOs due to increase in number of companies that profit off of GMOs, the regulators and companies should label and inform about the GMOs in their product with easier descriptions that many could easily understand what is inside their food.

GMOs are known to cause many health problems in our body. According to an article, “Spilling the Beans: Unintended GMO Health Risks,” the rats were fed with Bt corn, which is a genetically modified corn, for up to 120 days. The result was that the rats developed myriads of health problems such as changes in blood cells, kidneys, and livers (Smith). Likewise, a study shown in an article “Arpad Pusztai and the risks of Genetic Engineering,” DNA of soybeans were altered with a gene from Brazil nuts. While after, scientists saw that those modified beans were altered to cause allergic reactions. These genetically modified foods are hard for us to evaluate due to lack of knowledge on them. However, easy-to-understand descriptions and clear labeling would help consumers to be aware of what they are eating and know how consuming the product can impact their health, helping them to make better food choices. 

The current problem of labeling food product is that big companies have too much power over the regulations with their immense money. An example can be seen in lobbying process by Monsanto, the largest seed corporations in the world. This company produces seeds that are genetically modified in way that the seeds resist herbicides and weed killers. When the citizens try to protest or take action against the GMOs that they are making, Monsanto prevents any laws from passing by paying immense money to the lobbyists. This corporation is said to spend an average of six billion dollars on lobbying every year (Sarich). If their modified products are as safe as they say they are, corporations like Monsanto should not be afraid of labeling their products. And by adding these labels, it would make consumers should feel safer as some may feel cautious of eating GMOs. Even though labeling more on the products may cost more money for the companies, it should be regulated as spending on lobbying costs a lot of money as well, and companies should know that trust from the consumer is a big factor that will make their business more successful and sustainable.

It can be overwhelming to think about the corruption of our government and big businesses that only revolve around making a profit. But we need to take time to learn and look deeper into how things are regulated and what we are eating on daily basis. We need to realize these hidden facts that the big companies are hiding and fix it for the sustainable food system and future generations to come.

Edward Choi

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Corrupt FDA

The American government should feed, educate, and protect its people. Government food companies like to increase the profits, while decreasing costs. This has resulted in less money allocated in the regulation of healthy food. No matter how diseased the animals are, they are still money in the eyes of the meat packagers. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has not been imposing safety regulations for their desire of profit.

According to Quartz Media; the meat industry has contributed about $894 billion dollars to the US government. The immense lobbying and political campaigning has resulted in companies influencing the government. The government protected the tobacco companies when the linking of lung cancer to tobacco emerged. This was because they brought immense revenue to the government.

The FDA purpose is to regulate and approve the administration of Drugs and Food products. In an article by the Huffington post, stated how the members of the FDA that determined if the food additives companies were using were safe, all had ties to the companies they were researching. The infiltrated members of the FDA protected their companies leaving them to decide whether the additives were safe or not.

The FDA not imposing regulations on the meat, has brought many consequences to the people. This is due to the fact of how the production of the meat is. What took ten weeks to make a four-pound chicken forty years ago, today only takes five weeks. (Modern) Companies produce while ignoring if the chicken has diseases. If the FDA does not regulate the companies, they will only be poisoning American people.

The FDA has also failed to ban the use of anti-biotics in factories. By giving animals antibiotics, they will get fatter, while reducing the chances of diseases from the extremely nasty conditions they live in. The use of anti-biotics has been linked to diseases which are resistant to anti-biotics. This has caused 23,000 deaths each year according to the Center of Disease Control(CDC). Our government which was formed to protect us, has not done anything about these deaths.

Today, anyone with money can influence the government. The government, which was meant to protect us, has turned against us. The FDA is a perfect example, as they have not imposed strict regulations on food companies. The infiltration of company officials has made the FDA look the other way to healthier food.

–Luis Samaniego

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