Food with Thought

 Fast food, no need to think or even worry. Drive, stop, grab and you have everything you need or want, no thoughts needed. But where does it bring us in the future no-one worries because we think that we saved time and we’re going to have more time to work, study, etc. That’s the problem because we do not win, we lose. What we eat will kill us and what is around us because of how we eat and what we eat. Need to eat with the thought.
 The first thought about the food comes to mind is what kind of food would taste good. Then how would it look, and then all other thought come because it feels like it is not important? The problem of our time is that we do not think about important things like where it comes from and what it is made of. The fast food companies make us think and believe in what they want us to. They show interesting, healthy and beautiful advertisements, and we think and see the products through the advertisement. But we do not see all that mess behind all of the bright beautiful advertisement. We need to be interested in what we eat and what fast food companies sell us. Because believe it or not the food we eat changes our life not for better, but for worse. Meat in our time does not have the same benefits that it had before and it is because we do not have the same meat anymore. More doctors and science put the information out there that meat is not good for us and it can cause the bad input in our life like cancer.  “Organization declared processed meat a “carcinogen” which increases one’s risk of colon or rectum cancer by 18 percent. But it’s not just processed meat that puts you at risk. A vast array of studies from top universities and independent researchers has found that eating chickens, cows, and other animals promote cancer in many forms.”  (  When we eat we need to be thoughtful about what we eat and where it came from. Animals deserve better treatment. We can only help them by stopping eat meat. If we continue the farmers will continue using chickens the way the do it right now which is terrible and heartless. Let’s eat with the thought where it comes from and where it will bring us and our planet.
                                                                                                             –Daniela Ursulenko

1, By RACHEL KRANTZ  Feb 15, 2016, 8 Reasons Meat Is Bad For You (Yes, Even Chicken),


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