The Secret to New Health

America has developed a society that is always on the move and needs to go all the time. To function one needs to eat, but one never has time to prepare something healthier than the fast food alternative. Instead, Americans are surrounded by restaurants that prepare their food for them on the go and fast as to continue with their busy schedules. There are places such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Krystal’s that produce food at a quick enough pace to keep even the busiest of people satisfied. The question is, what are Americans eating? In addition, is the information given about the food they are eating accurate?? The rate of obesity in America is over 30% of adults nationwide and the reason for these numbers is the American people are ignorant to what they are putting in their bodies. To pursue a healthier lifestyle and reduce these numbers, one needs to know specifically what their food consists of to maintain a healthy and wholesome diet.

Since the goal is to strive for a healthier lifestyle by having knowledge of what one eats, one can simply read nutrition labels and understand what they say before purchasing a certain food product. By law, food companies are required to show the nutritional information of the food being sold to the public. For example, when one purchases a loaf of bread, there is a list of nutritional information given on the side of the loaf that details what the bread is made of. When one goes to their local supermarket, one needs to be aware of not only what food they are buying, but what is inside the food they are purchasing. Reading and understanding the nutrition labels on the food one buys is vital to smart food choices (Brownell). Many people today buy foods such as chips, soda, candy, cheese, pasta, etc. that consist mainly of corn syrup, carbohydrates, sugar, and many grams of fat. These kinds of food choices are what is leading American adults to a 30% obesity rate. Americans need to be more informed on what they are eating and how it affects the body.
Americans need to know what they are eating before they eat it to make healthy dietary choices. Reading nutrition labels, choosing home cooked meals over fast food, and having the knowledge of what the food contains will help an individual maintain a healthy and balanced diet. By doing these simple things, Americans can reduce the obesity rate tremendously and help start the next generation on a path to healthier living.

— Eric Hanna

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Fig. 1. Directions to New Health (Photo courtesy of Vanderbilt University)


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