Chicken Slavery or Sacrifice?

Humans have constantly been dependent on the natural resources that come from the earth to help sustain them.  Today, different companies harvest animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens for us to provide a source of protein for our bodies. However, the companies that raise these animals force them to live in unhealthy farmhouses or CAFO’s, given hormones to grow faster, and are treated unfairly before human consumption can occur.

Food companies across the states are guilty of raising chickens in disgusting inhumane farmhouses that are not taken care of. Harrison Jacobs a writer for the Business Insider says that, “It is filled with litter, feces, and urine. The dirty, overcrowded conditions at Watts’ barns have left the chickens’ bellies raw and red. Most of the chickens have a massive bedsore.” Also, The New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof says “Poultry Science journal has calculated that if humans grew at the same rate as modern chickens, a human would weigh 660lbs by the age of six weeks.”

“Perdue’s chickens are raised to grow unnaturally large and fast. Perdue chickens reach market weight after 42 days, according to Watts. The high growth rate makes it difficult for chickens to breathe, walk, and fly.” (Jacobs)

In their last moments of life they are treated very poorly before human consumption. A secret video from Tyson revealed that the workers are violent towards them by continually punching and beating them up for fun and ripping their heads off if they miss the kill blade.

Although chickens are a good source of food, as consumers we need to come down on the food companies and hold them accountable. The farmers are not the enemy because they have no power when raising the chickens for the company. People have the power to demand change, and it is only when we demand change that the farmers will provide the healthier foods that are desired.

-Jade Bromfield

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