Animals are Friends not Food

What is sustainability? Sustainability is defined as the ability to keep something at a certain level or rate. Sustaining something ensures that it stays good consistently, but does a sustainable world sound realistic? A sustainable world is hard to imagine, but this world was once our reality. In the beginning, God created a perfect world that could sustain itself. This world was in harmony with the animals. Today, eating meat is popular, but the truth is, vegetarianism brings sustainability to the animals, the human body, and the earth.

Vegetarian diets can sustain the lives of countless animals that are slaughtered because of our hunger for meat. Industries that run food business and put food on our tables don’t want to show consumers the truth of how businesses are run. The truth is that food corporations treat animals with cruelty. The food industry is treating animals as a variable or component that brings income, rather than recognizing that these animals are living creatures. In order to prevent this cruel treatment of animals, we can start by not slaughtering them in the first place. Vegetarianism eliminates the need to put these animals through this type of treatment in the first place.

Vegetarianism promotes a sustainable body. Our bodies are made by intelligent design to stay in homeostasis, a healthy balanced state. Our bodies want to stay healthy, but our choices ultimately decide how healthy we are. If we make the decision to live an unhealthy lifestyle eating meat, we are at risk for obesity. “Increased rates of obesity are significant increases in a plethora of illnesses… In sum, excessive weight gain and obesity are growing, unchecked problems in the United States.” (Williams, 2016) Obesity is a growing problem in America because Americans love to eat their meat. Meat does all types of detrimental things to your body. Meat clogs arteries, causes heart disease and promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. On the contrary, vegetarianism, promotes a strong and healthy lifestyle. If eating meat causes the fear of disease and an unhealthy lifestyle, the solution is avoiding the consumption of meat.

A vegetarian lifestyle can give a more sustainable environment. Pollution is a problem that we face. It destroys nature and lets toxic waste infect the Earth. The consequences of our mess not only affects our health but the environment’s health too. Is it worth destroying the planet God created for us because we value our consumer wishes for meat over the well-being of the Earth? If we become vegetarian, it reduces the amount of pollution we put in our world.

God created us to live in harmony with the animals around us and the environment. If we want to go back to the sustainable world God originally planned for us to live in, we should practice vegetarianism. By practicing a vegetarian lifestyle, we can sustain the health of the animals around us, the health of our bodies, and the health of the world we live in.

      by: Joshua Tumundo

Williams, Ryan T. 2016. “SIZE REALLY DOES MATTER: HOW OBESITY IS UNDERMINING      AMERICA’S NATIONAL SECURITY.” University Of Toledo Law Review 48, no. 1: 21-53. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed April 20, 2017).





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