The Problems of Patented Seeds



Genetically modified seeds are seeds that have their DNA adapted by transferring different genes from a source organism to the target seed. This adds several new features to the targeted seeds that were not there before.Before 1985 genetically modified seeds could be shared among farmers and their investors. This provided better yield and faster growth in the nation. After 1985, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office started allowing patents for genetically modified seeds. This gave power to companies like Monsanto who have the tools to produce and patent genetically modified seeds; now companies like Monsanto now owns 80 percent of U.S. corn market and 95 percent of the soybean market (CBS web pg 1). This patent of seeds has harmed small independent farmers’ business, set a lie to society, and promote immoral acts which makes the food system less sustainable.

By allowing the Patent of genetically modified seeds we are allowing a lie in society (Moyers Interview). Shiva Vandana who is a rights activist in India has pointed out in an interview with Bill Moyers that patents are used as a claim to creation. This is a lie. The Patent of G.M. seeds is simply just a modification. Genetically modifying seeds are not built from scratch. They were simply added D.N.A. traits from other seeds into the targeted seeds.

Not only is patent of seeds a lie, but the patent of G.M. seeds has led to an increase of food prices because it  limits independent farmers. Monsanto has patented over 674 seeds (Dr.Mercola  web). Before other farmers could use Monsanto’s seeds, they would have to sign an agreement to not save the seeds, and would not able to re use the seeds unless they renew their contract Also, according to CBS “The contracts, as long as 30 pages” (CBS web pg 1). Because you have to pay for a licence, this cost of food is high. Companies like Monsanto are causing problems for normal farmers that could not use their seeds at any time they want. This leads to an unsustainable environment where independent farmers are harmed. Music producers such as Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, and Mike Will Made use sound samples from other artists, but they do not need a license to pay for it. In the end, everyone is happy with the music they bring by sampling other artists. To decrease food prices and help independent farmers, the government should ban the patent of G.M. seeds.

Lastly, the patents of seeds influence companies like Monsanto to work immorally out of greed for money. According to “AP: Monsanto Strong-Arms Seed Industry” Monsanto has private investigators and agents that record what other farmers, corporations, and store owners do (OCA). These investigators go into the community and gather information from their informants about farming activities. Some of these investigators even go as far as pretending to be surveyors. After this, agents try to convince farmers on their land and pressure them to sign papers that allow Monsanto to dig into their private records. By doing this, Monsanto is keeping in check that they are on top. This is also a violation of U.S. constitutional right for privacy. Furthermore, Monsanto increases the price for their seeds to trouble normal farmers. From 2000 to 2010, the price for corn seeds has increased by 325 percent (Dr.Mercola web).There is a strong demand for G.M. seeds, so companies like Monsanto practice immoral ethics.

The Patent of seeds has lead to an increase of food prices, promotes lies, and by allowing this we encourage immoral behavior in a company. Food is an every day essential, so why should we lie to ourselves and harm small end farmers.


RJ Varona #nofilter


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Dr. Mercola, Organic Consumer Association, “Seeds of Evil: Monsanto and Genetic Engineering”, Febuary 10 2014,

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